WATER CRYSTALS / Solar dos Zagallos

Work executed in 2017 and constituted by 10 ceramic panels. The crystals were created by the participants of the Ceramics course

"the enjoyment of art"

solo exhibition at Gallery Image

I gathered 13 works, some of them never exposed and on 11 March was on the opening of the exhibition of these which will run until April 6, 2016

Projects 2016/2017

Obra Arcadius de JG


Obra Arcadius de JG

the factory

Obra Arcadius de JG

Techno solitude

Obra Arcadius de JG

untitled 2016

The year 2015

Some of the works exhibited to the public

Big Bang

Work presented to the public in June 2015 in the exhibition "Pluralities"

Self ego and its nest

Works presented to the public in December 2015 in the collective exhibition "Peace and confidence in the future"

Academia BAI / Luanda

He has created the "project L" : an artistic exhibition of ceramics in Luanda together with the collaboration of the plastic artists Mónica Preto Pacheco and Manuela Freitas


Portfolio in the format "issuu" available for viewing and printing

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